Friday, November 11, 2016

Christmas Candy Season, Already: Shimmery White Chocolate m&m's

Shocking as it is to the system, so close to Halloween, Christmas Candy season is upon us. As nothing can stop the onslaught of holiday sweets to come, I'm pleased to start with something good. Shimmery white chocolate m&m's were somewhat of a surprise visually. I had expected a garish silvery shine to the shells, rather than the more subtle gold-flecked tones to the red and green shells. They're really quite pretty. I wish the white m&m's were similarly gold-speckled rather than finished in a matte white. It detracts from the the overall glow. If you like white chocolate, you'll enjoy the flavor. No surprises there, especially if you've tasted one of the white chocolate m&m varieties of the past.

Score (holiday aesthetics): 5
Score (flavor): 3

1 comment:

  1. White chocolate? I am so out of it, I had no idea M&M's ever made white chocolate!