Friday, October 14, 2016

Candy Corn of Many Flavors: Brach's Brunch Favorites Candy Corn

I was so excited to get my hands on Brach's new Brunch Favorites Candy Corn. There's so much potential in these flavors. The problem with a mix, though, is even if one flavor is bad, you have to eat the bag carefully. I so love the French Toast and Maple Syrup flavor. It's exactly as it promises, filled with maple with hints of butter and vanilla. Yum! Chocolate Chip Pancake flavor is fine. I don't believe that Chocolate and Candy Corn go that well together, but mixed with a little Maple and Butter flavors, it's a somewhat pleasing amalgam. The Waffles and Strawberry, though, are so off-putting--so achingly sweet with that terrible artificial strawberry flavor that bears no earlthy resemblance to the real thing. I encourage Brach's to put out a simple Maple Candy Corn. This will certainly be the best candy corn ever made and they have started down this path to flavor perfection with their French Toast and Maple Syrup Candy Corn.

Score (overall): 3
Score (Chocolate Chip Pancake candy corn): 2
Score (French Toast and Maple Syrup candy corn): 4
Score (Waffles and Strawberry): 1

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