Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fruit Chews From Germany: Fritt Chewy Cherry Candy

Picture consuming a candy with the flavor of a Cherry Now & Later and the soft consistency of Laffy Taffy and you have Fritt Chewy Cherry Candy, produced in Germany. It's a mellow cherry chew packaged to resemble a large-scale pack of gum. I'm not sure it would be a go-to for me, but it is a pleasant simple fruit chew.

Score: 3


  1. I have been searching for these - or something very much like these for years, so thanks for posting this.

    Back in the day ( 70's ) these were much longer, at least 8 sections, not just 5.
    And the white inner wrapper wasn't shiny waxy as pictured here, it was like a dry, soft parchment paper. Also it had no writing on it - was just plain white.
    The exterior wrapper was open at both ends so you could slide the candy out at either end. I recall in my partial ocd type times, that after having a couple of pieces, I would carefully re-wrap the inner paper and try to slide it back into the exterior. God help you if accidentally damaged the outside wrapper as alas the inner would not fit back in.......The exterior wrapper was light blue on the right hand half and there were pictures of the fruit on the left half. I can picture them, but don't recall the brand / name.

    The flavours then were cherry, orange, strawberry and banana, and were definitely a softer chew than a Fruitella. Very soft and slightly taffy-ish more than chewy. The flavours were sublime.

    So either these are the same thing as what i am thinking about - with updates and modernization applied over time, or these are a similar but different version.
    If my ramblings strike a chord wit anyone, feel free to help steer me to my version.

    1. I was also searching for my childhood favorite until i happened to see them in of all places...the bulk barn. Yes you described them perfectly, what clear memories candy brings!!!