Friday, June 24, 2016

Project 7 Gourmet Gum: S'Mores Build-a-Flavor

The concept behind Project 7's Build-A-Flavor S'mores gum is creative and fun. It's nice to have three varieties in one, where you can combine chocolate graham gum with marshmallow gum or stick with the separate flavors. The marshmallow gum is pretty tasty and a close approximation of a real marshmallow. The choco graham gum tastes quite a bit like chocolate, but it's unnerving to experience chocolate in gum form and the flavor is a little bit off. Gum should clear the palate, not confuse it. I just couldn't get into the choco graham experience. That said, I'll be excited to try more of Project 7's flavor creations.

Score (concept): 4
Score (flavor): 2

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