Monday, June 13, 2016

Albert's / Moritz Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes have been around forever. They're not a high-quality chocolate treat, but they're so unique and appealing. As a kid, this was one of my favorite go-to's. Albert's Moritz has been distributing them for decades. They're mockolate, not real chocolate, and are infused with a hazelnut or praline flavor. Strangely, they feel cool on the tongue and melt instantly upon hitting the mouth. This is because they're made of partially hydrogenated coconut oil, which melts at a low temperature, but if you can forget that fact, they're a pretty enthralling bite. They're for sale at my neighborhood bodega and a couple times a week I just can't help but pick one up on my way home from work to make the walk home sweet.

Score (flavor and cool sensation): 4
Score (ingredient quality):1
Score (nostalgia quotient): 5

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