Monday, May 9, 2016

Crispy S'mores m&m's

The new Crispy S'more M&M's were a big disappointment. Frankly, the flavor idea is a fantastic one. I could just picture a melty milk chocolate infused with the flavor of marshmallow surrounding the perfect crunchy graham center, all contained within the bite-sized shell. This was m&m's opportunity to branch into a graham center- it would have been amazing. It could have lead to other flavor combinations. Graham works, as we know so well from real s'mores, perfectly with milk chocolate. The crispy cookie center of the s'mores m&m's just didn't lend enough flavor. The crunch is nice but let's have the cookie center contribute more than consistency. Both the flavor and aroma of the marshmallow was off- I like artificial marshmallow flavor, but this one didn't mimic a real marshmallow closely enough. It was vaguely off-putting. As long as I'm picking these m&m's apart, the aesthetics of this variety isn't very pleasing either. The color combo is a knock-off of the recent Coffee Nut m&m's (delicious), and these are about 1/2 the size and bear a lumpy candy shell rather than m&m's usual smooth outer casing. I love that m&m's is trying all kinds of new flavors, but the s'more variety didn't achieve its potential.

Score: 2

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