Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mexican Wafer Bar: Nestle Tin Larin

Nestle Tin Larin represents another basic wafer bar from Mexico (like the Bocadin Wafer Bar-click here). I like the smaller scale of these two-bite bars. It's a sweet snack that doesn't knock you into a sugar coma. Unlike the stale and nbland Bocadin Wafer Bar, Tin Larin offers a light crisp wafer bar alternating with peanut butter cream and all wrapped up in a thin layer of milk chocolate. It's a fantastic peanut butter filling. Many wafer bars attempt a peanut butter variety, but few come as close to peanut butter bliss as this Tin Larin. I wish these were easier to find in NYC. They're a terrific go-to sweet snack.

Score: 4

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