Thursday, April 28, 2016

Limited Edition for Spring: Ritter Sport Strawberry Mint

Ritter issues some of the coolest and tastiest flavors in their line of Sport bars. While the company remains true to the classic candy bar flavors and does them well, their limited edition flavors often constitute quite an innovative and tasty surprise. I was so excited to try the new Limited Edition Strawberry Mint bar. I imagined a rich and milky strawberry cream, more natural in flavor than your average strawberry candy or cream, with a light mint essence throughout--like a strawberry dacquiri without the alcohol, refreshing and light. Perhaps the bar I purchased went stale? I was shocked to find the filling a solid disk of chalk-like substance that crumbled into fine powder the moment I bit down. Unlike the image on the packaging, there were no real bits of strawberry within the chalky center, no essence of anything resembling natural fruit or mint. A great idea that somehow went terribly awry.

Score: 1

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