Friday, March 4, 2016

Classic Easter Repost: Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

It's tough for a company in the aftermath of launching the perfect candy. Where can they go but down from perfection? This is uniquely not the case, however, for Cadbury Mini Eggs. First they released the Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs- the candy ideal. This year Cadbury branched out by inventing both White and Royal Dark Mini Eggs. The White Mini Eggs are substantive and super tasty, albeit a bit sweet overall. The Royal Dark Mini Eggs rival the originals- an elegant color scheme on the crunchy outer shells that are filled with a compulsively addictive dark chocolate. Cadbury's Royal Dark tastes similar to the semi-sweet Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips frequently baked into chocolate chip cookies. The dark chocolate isn't bittersweet, it's just milk chocolate with a slightly darker turn. These mini eggs are unspeakably fantastic resulting in the large bag disappeared all-too-quickly. Ongoing, I'll still buy the milk chocolate variety and will simply have to stock up on two flavors per year. These Royal Dark Mini Eggs are definitely something special.

Score: 5 (6 if possible)

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  1. I'm drooling over here. I never saw a possible 6 on Obsessive Sweets.