Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trolli Extreme Sour Frost Bites

I like a seasonal candy that doesn't ascribe to a particular holiday, not to mention a one that issues a hearty warning against the season's dangerous elements. Trolli Extreme Sour Frost Bites do the trick nicely, reminding you to enjoy the Winter weather but also not to freeze your hands and toes. Here's the thing: these are simply not extreme in their sourness. They're a pleasantly sour bite, but not nearly "extreme". The blue, purple and white jellybeans with extra candy coating come in four flavors: (Dark Blue) Blue Raspberry, (Purple) Green Apple (confusing), (Light Blue) Sour Watermelon (again, confusing color identity), and (White) Sour Citrus. Refreshing, fruity, and pleasantly sour, these Trolli Frost Bites constitute a good alternative sweet treat during the All-Pink Valentine candy months.

Score: 3

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