Monday, January 11, 2016

Menz Mini Choc Honeycomb Candy from Australia

I love honeycomb candy-the way the firm crystals instantly melt in one's mouth, dissolving into a sweet honey syrup mixed with chocolate. Frankly, the reason for the scarcity of honeycomb candy on obsessivesweets is because the sweets rarely make it in front of the camera. I've consumed it too quickly, without the ability to wait to document. I was so excited to find this packaged form of honeycomb candy, as I tend to only find it in homemade chocolate shops rather than in widely distributed, prepackaged form. This Menz Mini Choc Honeycomb Candy from Australia, however, was a disappointment. The chocolate to honeycomb ratio was way off- far too much chocolate, and the chocolate was waxy rather than melty. The honeycomb, itself, was stiff and didn't dissolve easily. Some candy company should attempt this concept, as it could be so appealing. Menz's product, however, didn't satisfy.

Score: 2

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