Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mazapan Azo: Peanut Candy from Mexico

Major caveat here that I am really into De la Rosa brand Mazapan candy and that perhaps this love comes with a bit of a bias against other mass-produced mazapan offerings. During a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, I was really excited to dive into some new varieties of the peanut-based treat. I did try a local hand-made version that was unbelievably good. I expect that high quality of something that fresh and lovingly hand-crafted.

This Mazapan Azo (Dulce de Cacahuate), with the grinning peanut on the packaging, looked promising. Especially with the layer of caramel filling (relleno de cajeta) at the center. It was less sweet and creamy than De la Rosa, however, and a lot denser and I just didn't love it. I simply need to taste-test more brands for a better sense of context. Any readers who know of a good widely-distributed brand of mazapan, please alert me in the comments.

Score: 2

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  1. How disappointing. Do you want to pay my airfare to go back to Budapest for...THE BEST?