Sunday, December 20, 2015

In the News: Questioning Mast Brothers Artisanal Claims

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In recent days there have been a flurry of articles questioning the quality and claims of Mast Brothers Chocolate. I've always wondered if the quality of the chocolate actually matches the incredible loveliness of the packaging. I visited their local Williamsburg shop/factory store a number of times and always walked away empty handed, cowed by the high prices and vaguely unimpressed by the flavor samples.

Now a true scandal is unfolding around the hipster chocolatiers, with news that Mast Brothers simply purchased and remelted commercial Valrona chocolate for their bar base rather than actually creating their own touted "bean to bar" chocolate. (Raised eyebrows).

To read more on this fast-unfolding fiasco:

Vanity Fair, "Celebrity Hipster Chocolatiers Reportedly Sold Remelted Commercial Chocolate", "Why Chocolate Experts Think the Mast Brothers Are Frauds", "Mast Brothers: What Lies Behind the Beard" (Four-part blog expose)

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