Friday, November 20, 2015

Disappointing Holiday Treats: 8 Chocolate Maccabees for Hanukkah

There's not a whole lot of Hanukkah-themed candy out there, and I do wish that there more solid choices out there. I was excited to find a package of 8 Chocolate Maccabees distributed by Rite Lite Wholesale Judaica (available at Bed Bath & Beyond).

The foil-wrapped Maccabees are festive, a fun presentation for some Hanukkah sweets. I opened the wrapper and was shocked to find that the company used a Santa Claus mold for the chocolates. No little shield and robe, but instead the traditional fur-lined suit clasped with a square buckle. Listen, they look somewhat similar but this is a case where the choice to fashion a chocolate Maccabee out of a Santa mold is a little bit tone-deaf on the part of the manufacturers. The chocolate wasn't very good, either--waxy with low cocoa content. Allover a disappointment.

Score: 1

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