Thursday, October 29, 2015

Soap and Citrus: Lotte Glamatic Gum

I'll admit I was in it for the packaging. The pink theme and foil hearts, not to mention the name, place sugar-free Glamatic gum squarely in the female marketing purview. It's all so overtly over-the-top, I have to applaud Japanese candy company, Lotte, for going all-in. The gum is a little bit over-the-top, as well. The primary flavor is this wonderful sparkling grapefruit, super citrus-y and not too sweet. Beneath the grapefruit, though, is the strong aroma of flowery soap. I'm sure it leaves the breath incredibly cleansed, but the soapy after-notes are a little unnerving.

Score (packaging allure): 5
Score (flavor): 5 (grapefruit)+ 1 (soap)= 3

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