Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ukrainian Treat: Roshen Konaletto

For a small two-bite sweet, the Ukrainian Roshen Konaletto packs a lot of punch. A dark chocolate compound smothers a super crisp wafer cookie that, in turn, encompasses a rich "cream nut" filling (primarily hazelnut). I love the rich flavor of the center, like peanut butter but more delicate. The whole thing, however, is a bit too sweet. I wish the bonbon contained half the sugar and instead relied more on the basic nutty flavor.

Score: 3


  1. Very tasty candy. I was eating them when I was at the factory Roshen in Kiev. I bought a tour to Kiev When I was on one of the excursions, we were invited to try the sweets from the President of Ukraine. I advise you to go there. Good luck.