Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Snickers Campaign Embraces the Snacker's Inner Curmudgeon

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How often does an ad campaign really grab your attention and entertainment rather than annoy? I find this to be exceedingly rare. I'm vaguely enthralled however, by the newest Snickers "Hunger Bar" campaign. The brand is releasing the candy bars in a variety of 21 wrappers emblazoned with unappealing symptoms of hunger, such as "Grouchy" or "Cranky." As a lifelong, proud Curmudgeon I would love to stumble upon that particular wrapper. To read more about the new campaign, click over to AdWeek for the full story. Thanks to astute reader Linda for the alert!

"Snickers Swaps Out Its Brand Name for Hunger Symptoms on Painfully Honest Packaging" via AdWeek

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