Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Pt 10: Florida, the Tropical Wafer Bar from Iceland

Everything about the Florida Wafer Bar from Iceland is sumptuous. The wrapper's reflective foil with colorful bold lettering, the thick outer layer of chocolate and the plentiful sprinkling of coconut. The classic wafer bar elements almost get lost in all that action. Ok, the bar isn't as delicious as it could be. The chocolate is a little flaky and dry, causing waves of chocolate and coconut to crumble with each bite. The chocolate is super sugary, which overshadows the coconut. It's a great concept, though, and I think it could be such a delicious treat. Frankly, I'm still swooning over the wrapper and it's difficult to be objective. Thanks for finding this, Tara!

Score (wrapper design): 5
Score (taste): 2

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  1. Guiness Book of World Records on number of such bars to be reviewed!