Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slovenian Sweets: Gorenjka Kremna Rezina (Cream Cake) Chocolate Bar

There is a vanilla cream and custard cake with puff pastry base popular in Central Europe that goes by a number of names. In Slovenia it is called Kremna Rezina (Cream Cake). Slovenian candy company Gorenjka has created a candy bar in honor of the dessert. The milk chocolate is super sweet, and unfortunately the filling tastes like vaguely sour milk to my unfamiliar palate. In addition, the outer chocolate melts much faster than the filling, leading to a confusing balance of consistencies and a difficult chocolate bar to consume in general. I'd still gladly sample the original Kremna Rezina cake, though. Thanks to my Mom for bringing this home in her suitcase to sample!

Score: 2

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