Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Leone Candy Originals since 1857



You know how restaurants often serve after-dinner mints to cleanse and refresh the palate? These mints aren't supposed to wow you or in any way overshadow the dinner- they're supposed to punctuate the end of the meal. Developed in Italy in 1857, Leone Candy Originals are the ideal form of this post-dinner finish. I tried these tiny chalk-like pellets in two flavors: orange and lemon sage. The orange is aromatic and soothing and contains that wonderful spark of orange peel. The lemon sage also contains the essence of lemon peel balanced with the warmth of sage- it somehow makes your mouth feel clean and scrubbed of whatever garlic and whatnot was consumed. They both taste like cups of herbal tea melting on your tongue. Plus there are 115 flavors to sample!! Thanks, Mom!

Score: 4

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