Friday, July 31, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Part 8: Mamma Mia Wafer Bar from Poland

Obsessivesweets has been on quite a roll recently with chocolate wafer bars from many countries. Wafer bars don't even rank as a favorite candy bar choice but they just seem to keep falling into my lap. Who am I to complain? This round we'll explore some new Polish and Icelandic variations.

The first, Mama Mia from Poland, consists of vanilla wafers interspersed with rich cocoa filling, all dipped in dark chocolate. It's a pretty decent bite, really crunchy with a good chocolate flavor to the filling. The dark chocolate gives enough of a bite to offset all the sweetness.

Score: 3

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  1. Is there a heaven for unfinished sweets after they are reviewed by you? I hope you don't mind my asking a theological question.