Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loki Pup's Marzipan Doppelgänger from Hungary

There are few things more enthralling to Obsessive Sweets than candy. One of those few things/beings is Loki the Fuzzle. Via special delivery from Budapest, Hungary via California, I have now received a treasure that combines these two special loves- a miniature Loki doppelgänger modeled in marzipan from the Szabó Marzipan Museum in Budapest, Hungary. (To see a photo essay on the artistry on display at the marzipan museum, click here). Now to the implicit problem in an edible treasure- the struggle between consuming vs. collecting. (I had this same issue with the infamous Loki m&m's.) I had to sample the goods but it seemed so cruel. I compromised. Nibbling on the tail I surmised that the smooth rich marzipan tastes as incredible as its outward visage. Taste confimed, I packed mini Loki (minus the tail) into an air-tight transparent container and placed it on my shelf to admire for the marzipan's natural duration. Since some of the marzipan pieces at the museum in Budapest are over 100 years old, I'm feeling optimistic! Thanks, Mom!

Score: (Perfect, top of the line, enthusiastic) 5

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  1. Aw: Little Loki united with Big Loki at last. How delicious is THAT? xo