Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swiss Chocolate: Camille Bloch Ours de Berne Milk Chocolate Bar

Schwizer Milchschokolade is a mouthful, translating to Swiss Milk Chocolate in English. There is nothing quite like Swiss chocolate. I love it because it is so mellow, heavy on the milkiness and not so heavy on the sugar. This Ours de Berne Milk Chocolate Bar by Camille Bloch came straight from the source (Switzerland) to NYC in a suitcase so I got to eat it fresh. The packaging is also especially appealing because the bear emblem reminds me of my dog searching out a treat- somewhat like me going after chocolate. I empathize with that bear- he needs the chocolate. I do, too. This was a perfect milk chocolate bar. Thanks, Will!

Score: 5

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