Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Estonian Sweets: Kalev Finest Irish Coffee Flavored Marzipan

Any obsessivesweets reader knows that I have trouble acting impartial whenever it comes to maple products and marzipan- in my eyes, they're all delicious and not to be missed. I can allow, however, that some marzipans are more alluring than others. Kalev has been providing Estonians with marzipan since 1806, so they've had years to refine their marzipan recipe and production. This is that heavy chunky marzipan, not the refined smooth kind popular in other countries- this is substantive stuff and the candy bar is downright heavy. I had trouble distinguishing if I liked the Kalev Marzipan bar or not because the particular flavor I purchased was Irish Coffee. The taste of milk, coffee, and booze just didn't blend with the marzipan on my palette. However, I think that I would probably really enjoy the plain marzipan bar.

Score: 2 (low for the Irish Coffee flavor, not the marzipan)

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