Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Marzipan Chocolate Bar Straight From Norway: Nidar Troika Trippel Nytelse Na Enda Bedre

Marzipan chocolate bars are fundamentally delicious unless combined with dissonant ingredients. Unfortunately, Nidar's Troika Trippel Nytelse bar falls under this category (along with the recently reviewed Kolev Irish Coffee Marzipan Bar). The thin base of marzipan is, of course, delicious (see review of the Nidar Paske Marsipan Egg). Nidar simply makes delicious marzipan, a recipe the Norwegian company has been perfecting since 1915. The inner truffle layer is rich and dense, between frosting and fudge consistency. It tastes sweeter than it does chocolatey, which is a disappointment. Jelly has its place, but not paired with marzipan. The consistency is all off and the thick layer of berry gel simply never blends with the rest of the bar. An exciting bar to try, but not a triumph. Thanks for finding this, Zach!

Score: 2

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