Thursday, May 21, 2015

X-treme Super Sour Grossout Novelty Candy Snapshot Pt 7: Sour Jawbreakers, Sour Smog Balls and Fire Heads

Norwegian Tucker Fire Heads are extremely strong licorice drops with strong powder filling. I didn't get to the powder filling because these were so incredibly hot. Super salty licorice with hell-fire hot spice on top! I couldn't take it- ouch! Thanks, Evan!

Score (flavor): 1 (ouch!)
Score (x-treme factor): 5 (ouch!)

Sour enough to bring tears to your eyes, these Sour Smog Balls come in 8 painful flavors- lime, strawberry, lemon, cherry, blue raspberry, and grape. Crunchy candy with a sour chew center from the makers of Toxic Waste Candy. 

Score (taste): 2
Score (x-treme factor): 3

Sour Jawbreakers don't even bother listing a flavor on the packaging- their flavor is sour, writhing painful sour. If you can make it through the jawbreaker shell, the central chewing gum acts like balm on one's exhausted tongue. These are intense! Thanks, Ginny!

Score (taste): 2 (ouch!)
Score (x-treme factor): 5


  1. Hi!
    Where did you buy the fireheads? Have been looking for them everywhere.... :-)

  2. Unfortunately, I've never seen them for sale in the US- my friend brought them for Norway to taste test. Good luck tracking some down! They're intense! -obsessivesweets