Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Pt 7: Manner's Original Neapolitan Wafers

These Viennese Manner Original Neapolitaner wafer bars (since 1898!) constitute the ideal finale to wrap up the great Wafer Bar Throwdown of 2015- Manner represents the wafer bar in its most classic and elegant form. The hazelnut chocolate filling is thick and rich and tastes like frosting. There's no need for an external layer of chocolate like other wafer bars; the cream filling is rich enough. The wafer cookies are weightless and crispy and buttery, the perfect balance to the hazelnut cream. They're simple- no bells and whistles- and every element is right. Thanks, Jennifer!

Score: 4

Wafer Bars of Past Days:

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Kit Kat Royal Milk Tea (Japan)
Milka GoFree Chocolate Wafer Bar (Turkey)
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Tiki Gold Wafer Bar (Trinidad/ Tobago)
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