Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Pt. 6: Cookies & Cream KitKat and Orange KitKat

Speaking of KitKat bars (click here), I've been taste-testing a bunch of the classic wafer bars in a variety of flavors. The Orange KitKat is delicious, a new favorite. A touch of orange citrus flavor is infused through the chocolate that encases the interior cookie. It tastes fresh and light and Springy, less heavy than a traditional KitKat.

The Cookies & Cream flavor, on the other hand, is decadent. A white chocolate layer covers the top of the cookie whereas the base of the bar remains milk chocolate. Between the cookie and the two types of chocolate it tastes rich and creamy and substantial. I wish the white chocolate was a little less waxy and a little more melty, but it's still a good combination overall. Thanks for these, Amy!

Score (Orange): 4
Score (Cookies & Cream): 3

 Wafer Bar Thoughts (click on individual link to read review):
Bingo Serenata Double (Greece) 
Bocadin Wafer Bar (Mexico)
Kit Kat Caramel (United States)
Kit Kat Chunky Mint (England)
Kit Kat Milk Coffee (Japan)
Kit Kat Royal Milk Tea (Japan)
Kit Kat Muscat of Alexandria (Grape)(Japan)
Milka GoFree Chocolate Wafer Bar (Turkey)
Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Wafer Bar (United States)
Nestle Nesquik Wafer Bar (Turkey)
Tiki Gold Wafer Bar (Trinidad/ Tobago)
Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuit (Scotland)
Ulker Chocolate Wafer Bar (Turkey)
Ulker Cokonat (Turkey)

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