Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Part 5: Nestle Chunky Mint KitKat

We can't discuss wafer bars without including the stalwart go-to, The KitKat. Not only is it a classic but it also comes in myriad flavors across the world. They get the most wild in Japan (sweet bean flavored Kit Kat, anyone?), but there are fascinating flavors that pop up everywhere. Here, for instance, is a British Chunky Mint KitKat. The mint is subtle, infused throughout the chocolate exterior. The extra large KitKat makes the ratio of cookie to chocolate higher which allows for extra crispiness in each bite. I would probably opt for a Classic over a Mint for the most part, but the Mint is a nice option for the line- refreshing!

Score: 4

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