Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Part 4: Ulker Cokonat from Turkey

In the previous post, the Nestle Nesquik Wafer Bar proved that Turkish wafer bars can be really disappointing. In addition, the Ulker Chocolate Wafer Bar and Milka GoFree Wafer Bar confirmed that some pretty solid wafer bars are born in Turkey. They're nothing to seek out but they get all the basic elements right. At last, the Ulker Cokonat Wafer Bar proves that Turkish wafer bars can transcend the basic medium. The Cokonat takes the basic Ulker Chocolate Wafer Bar and adds about twice the exterior chocolate loaded with chunky pieces of hazelnut. With the extra chocolate and nut crunch the bar transforms from a cookie to a candy bar. Crunchy with enough hazelnuts and hazelnut cream to balance the chocolate, each bite is delicious. Thanks for lugging this in your suitcase, Mom!

Score: 4

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