Monday, May 4, 2015

Wafer Bar Throwdown Part 1: Tiki Gold Wafer Bars from Trinidad and Tobago

I recently realized that although I am not the biggest fan of chocolate wafer bars (ie the Kit Kat bar and all wafer-based relatives in the international candy aisle), I've reviewed an awful lot of them in the past and hoarded quite a few new ones to taste-test. Therefor, it is time for The Wafer Bar Throwdown! It seems that every country boasts their own variation of the ageless treat.

I begin this round of the Wafer Bar Throwdown with Tiki Gold Wafer Bars hailing from Trinidad and Tobago in Coconut Craze and Vanilla Thrilla flavors. Despite the colorful names, these bars fail to thrill. They're pleasant and crispy but the chocolate is pretty waxy and lacking flavor and the wafer bars lack that critical resounding crunch upon biting down. There needs to be a better quality of chocolate involved, crispier wafers, and a higher ratio of vanilla or coconut cream to the rest of the bar. I'm not saying these Tiki Golds were bad eating, but I probably wouldn't revisit these Caribbean treats...

Score (Vanilla Thrilla): 2
Score (Coconut Craze): 3

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