Friday, May 8, 2015

Stefan B Chocolatier ("The Surprise From Iceland!"): Chocolate Bar with Icelandic Sea Salt

Shout-out to my bro, Stephen B! It's not everyone who gets an Icelandic candy bar in their name. A really elegant, pretty one at that. The deceptively simple foil wrapper does not belie the beautiful bar inside, notched in alternating bite-sized blocks that are etched with a delicate botanic design. I've rarely met a chocolate bar that's this visually enthralling. The firm rich chocolate is off-set by a strong flavor of salt. I've found a lot of the Icelandic candies to be heavy on salt, which is often pleasing against a sugary sweet base. This bar, however, uses a tad too much salt for my taste. I had to alternate bites with a whole lot of water. I have a feeling I'd love the basic chocolate bar by Stefan B- no additions, just beautiful design made of some serious chocolate. I also wonder if every bar by Stefan B displays a different design or if it's uniform across the bar varieties. Thanks for sending, Tara!

Score (design): 5
Score (flavor): 3

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