Saturday, May 9, 2015

Coco Delice Fine Chocolates, Emeryville, California

I recently get to taste-test a wide array of wildly flavored chocolate truffles at Coco Delice Fine Chocolates in Emeryville, California, and then take a delicious sampling home with me to keep the party going. These are elegant, delicate chocolates that pack a punch when you least expect it. Small bite-sized pieces each host a dark chocolate ganache center infused with really creative and surprising ingredients.

Here's a short-list of some of the flavors I tried:
Citron- dark chocolate ganache with lemon and balsamic vinegar
Framboise- milk chocolate ganache with raspberries and Framboise
Pure Passion- dark chocolate ganache and passion fruit
Orange Cardamon- orange and cardamon in a dark chocolate ganache
Hazelnut- dark chocolate ganache and caramelized hazelnuts
Merlot- dark chocolate ganache and California merlot
...and something really delicious that contained peanut butter essence...

Thanks, Mom, for the factory store visit and all the treats!

Score: 5

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