Thursday, April 2, 2015

Russell Stover Cookie Dough Easter Egg

Of the entire Russell Stover Cake & Pie Candy line, I believe I like the Cookie Dough Egg the best. It tastes exactly like raw cookie dough, and even better, the consistency is an exact replica, as well. This is a little like taking a spoonful of Pillsbury cookie dough and dipping it in a coating of milk chocolate. Two decadent and delicious (and very sugary sweet) bites.

Score: 4

After Note: There are so many unique flavors to this Russell Stover Cake and Pie line, and they range from pretty disgusting to incredibly delicious. Here is the growing list of past reviews of these innovative candies.

Russell Stover Lemon Cake in Dark Chocolate
Russell Stover Birthday Cake in Milk Chocolate 
Russell Stover Carrot Cake in White Chocolate
Russell Stover Red Velvet Cake in Dark Chocolate
Russell Stover Apple Pie in Milk Chocolate
Russell Stover Caramel Apple in Milk Chocolate

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