Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parisian Chocolates: Jacques Genin Fondeur en Chocolat

Delivered straight from the Paris shop, these Jacques Genin Fondeur en Chocolat truffles were really intense. I was especially taken with the fantastic metal boxes housing the truffles- like antique cigarette cases or jewelry boxes that promise treasures inside. Each dense dark chocolate center focuses on the high-end chocolate base that is infused with very intriguing yet subtle flavors such as Basil. Frankly, I couldn't identify any of the infusions- "It tastes green and herb-y" was a more likely pronouncement than, "Oh my, the essence of basil!" Each bite makes you stop and consider what you're eating and these truffles are so rich that you can't eat more than one or two at a time. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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