Sunday, April 12, 2015

Icelandic Banana Chocolate Bar: Sirius Pipp Med Bananabragdi

First let's all acknowledge how cool the packaging is for this Pipp Med Bananabragdi bar by Icelandic candy  company, Sirius. As I tore open the foil I started considering the lack of banana flavor employed in the candy world. I mean, basically all other fruits are fair game but bananas are ignored in fruit gummies and chews or mixed with chocolate bars. Bananas and chocolate combine beautifully in banana splits, which leads me to believe that the combo has some good possibilities.

Unfortunately, this banana chocolate bar is not a very good manifestation of the flavor combo. It's really nice melty milk chocolate but the banana filling tastes super artificial- basically not at all like banana. It tastes very sugary and strangely soapy. I imagine a light whipped cream filling infused with a more natural banana taste would taste far better. Add in a layer of peanut butter and it might become my favorite candy bar on earth. But that's merely a digression into fantasy. In the meantime, this banana chocolate bar from Iceland shows great potential but fails in execution. Thanks for finding this, Zach!

Score: 2

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