Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beauty and the Grotesque: Morbid Anatomy Art in Chocolate

image courtesy of Annabel de Vetten via kickstarter

It's not exactly like I look at Annabel de Vetten's (aka Annabel Lecter's) incredible chocolate creations and get hungry. However, I am swept away in her dark and sumptuous Victorian vision of morbid anatomy and the grotesque. These chocolate sculptures and cakes are absolutely incredible feats of reproduction, especially given that they are 100% chocolate. I'm utterly wowed. 

image courtesy of Annabel de Vetten via kickstarter

To support Annabel's kickstarter campaign to fund her business, Conjurer's Kitchen, click here.

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  1. Now I've seen everything or at least I've seen a lot more than I ever wanted to see made out of chocolate.