Sunday, March 29, 2015

For the Easter Basket: Russell Stover Carrot Cake Egg

Carrot cake is my number one cake of all time so I came to the Russell Stover Carrot Cake Egg completely biased to love it. (Hot on the tail of Carrot Cake m&m's I feel a very exciting trend coming on...) The carrot cake center has a crumbly truffly consistency that does oddly resemble massively condensed cake that is so sweet you can discern the individual grains of sugar cohering everything together. The flavor is incredibly close to carrot cake, though- impressively so. It's just so very sweet. The white chocolate surrounding the egg is the major misstep. It's a firm, ultra-sweet white chocolate that only emphasizes the sugar-overload center. What it's missing is the distinctive taste of cream cheese frosting traditionally paired with carrot cake. Instead of white chocolate the casing should consist of a condensed cream cheese frosting coating. Ooh, I would have liked that. Neat try, though.

Score: 3

After Note: There are so many unique flavors to this Russell Stover Cake and Pie line, and they range from pretty disgusting to incredibly delicious. Here is the growing list of past reviews of these innovative candies.

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  1. Yeah, the cream cheese frosting is the most important part. I'd probably be happy with just cream cheese frosting on an actual carrot.