Monday, March 16, 2015

Easter Peeps Part 2: Easter Egg Peeps, Orange Creme Peeps, and Party Cake Peeps

Earlier in the Easter Season I added three new additions to my ongoing collection of Peeps- Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Creme, and Classic Green Chicks. Here are three more for the growing list (over 45!). First, we've got classic flavored Peeps in a decorated Easter Egg shape. Delightful!

I love these Orange Creme Bunny Peeps. They're mellow orange creamsicles that melt in your mouth. These are definitely some new favorites (far more tasty than the Stawberry Cremes).

I've got mixed feelings about the Party Cake Peeps. When you rip open the package the smell of buttercream frosting is overwhelming- in a good way. The aroma really packs a punch. The taste, however, is a lot more subtle. The chicks taste vaguely like vanilla but the major flavor impact remains in the infused aroma. These Party Cake chicks start with an explosion and end with a sputter. It's a good idea that needs a little tweak of improvement.

Score (Eggs): 3
Score(Orange Creme): 4
Score (Party Cake): 3

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