Monday, March 9, 2015

A Variety of Easter Peeps: Original, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Creme Dipped in Milk Chocolate

It's that magical time of year once more when Peeps go into overdrive with new colors, flavors, and shapes. I love to collect them all and like to support the constant innovation emerging from Just Born.

These are simply the classic chicks in green for Spring. I've had them before (see here) but I can never resist another round of these. Their fresh hue is perfection. And if I made a Peeps diorama, these would be the stars.
The Strawberry Creme Peeps Dipped in Milk Chocolate are certainly memorable (see previous coverage here). I don't love the cloying flavor of the strawberry but do enjoy the undercurrent of creme underneath. It blends so nicely with the milk chocolate base. The pink sugar on pink marshmallow interior is also bright and fun.

The Blue Raspberry Peeps are entirely new to me and frankly my stomach churned at the thought of blue raspberry flavored marshmallow. I was surprised, though, that it was a better taste than expected. The exterior sugar is a sour berry flavor which is mellowed by the interior (pretty blue) marshmallow. I wouldn't choose this flavor over original but these would probably be a hit with people who really enjoy sour candies.

Score (original): 4
Score (strawberry creme): 3
Score (blue raspberry): 2

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