Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thanks, KFC! Chocolate lined biscuit edible coffee cups!

photo courtesy of kfc via the new york times

The blog title says it all. I've always been a Kentucky Fried Chicken advocate and now the chain is turning the fast-food coffee industry on its head! Today's New York Times reports that KFC is releasing chocolate lined biscuit coffee cups in England as a test market. I'm utterly fascinated to hear the results. It's eco-friendly and could be delicious. That said, one quote in the article worries me. The designer of the edible cups states: "The cups have been dosed with ambient aromas, including 'Coconut Sun Cream,' 'Freshly Cut Grass' and 'Wild Flowers.'" Oh? Well, I hope we'll get to see for ourselves.

Read New York Times article by clicking here

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  1. I thought you meant a biscuit as in days of old. The one smothered in gravy, so I had trouble wrapping my mind around this sugar plus white chocolate plus wild grass smell. Blach.