Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skittles Stand-Off: Original vs Orchards vs Desserts

(original mix) 

It's hard to improve on perfection, but Skittles are always innovating new flavors beyond the classic mix. This week I sampled two new varieties- Orchards Skittles and Desserts Skittles- and compared them to the Original.

As a reminder, the original mix is composed thus:

Green- Green Apple
Yellow- Lemon
Purple- Grape
Orange- Orange
Red- Strawberry

(I'll state it again: perfection)

(orchards mix)

Pale Yellow- Peach
Orange- Orange
Red-Red Apple
Red- Cherry

Overall the Orchards mix is fun. All but the Orange constitute new flavors. However, some soar over the others. For instance, I'd like to replace the Green Apple of the original mix with this fantastic new Lime flavor. Wonderful! Peach is a mellow tasty surprise, too. However, I don't like that you can't differentiate between the Red Apple and Cherry. In addition, the Red Apple has an odd flavor note to it that's vaguely chemical. And since you can't tell which is which you can't pick out the offending flavor. Troubling.

(desserts mix)

Green-Key Lime Pie
Pale Orange- Orange Creme
Pink-Strawberry Milkshake
Blue- Blueberry Tart
Red- Raspberry Sorbet

I love the Desserts Mix, perhaps even equally to the Original Mix! The Key Lime Pie truly blends Lime with Cream. The Stawberry Milkshake also tastes like strawberry ice cream and the Orange Creme like an Orange Julius-both flavors you rarely experience in candy. The Blueberry Tart is my favorite- a perfect stand-in for a real blueberry, tart and sweet and juicy. There's not a bad one in the mix!

Score (Original): 5
Score (Orchards): 3
Score (Desserts): 5


  1. I'm going to seek out the Dessert one this very day!

  2. Finally Lime skittles are back. I'd pick out all the green apple ones in the original mix, throw them away, and replace them with the lime ones.

  3. Ratings of each mix I have tried so far
    Original: 2/10 (thanks to Green apple)
    Wild berry: 8/10
    Tropical : 7/10
    Riddles: 9/10
    Darkside: 8/10
    Orchards: 10/10 (loved the flavors and Lime is back)

  4. I really wish I had tried the Riddles.... -obsessivesweets