Friday, January 16, 2015

Sirius Eitt Sett Siriiuslengja Og Lakkrisbordi: An Icelandic Treat

This Icelandic Candy Bar By Sirius has an incredibly difficult to pronounce name but a very simple underlying concept. The Eitt Sett Siriuslengja Og Lakkrisbordi is basically a milk chocolate bar lined with a large slab of black licorice. The chocolate is milky and melty; the licorice is soft and chewy. Each bite blends together, marrying the flavors of sweet chocolate and bitter licorice beautifully. I wish there was an American version of this. Any readers out there who can translate the wrapper? Thanks, Veitches!

Score: 4


  1. Who can say the name of that candy bar three times in a row?

  2. This candy came about from the once wide-spread habit of taking a Síríuslengja (a small bar of milk chocolate - just like the one in the packaged product - which used to be sold unwrapped out of a box) and folding a licorice straw around it. The original combo would generally be washed down with Coca-Cola or Appelsín (an Icelandic brand of orangeade).

    My theory is that the licorice straw and milk chocolate combo was the beginning of the Icelandic obsession with combining licorice and chocolate.

    1. Thanks for this very helpful info, Bibliophile!! I love this Icelandic candy but know so little about it!! -obsessivesweets

  3. Eitt sett = One Set (of chocolate bar and licorice strip)
    siríuslengja = siríus(name of the company)bar
    lakkrísborði = licorice strip