Monday, January 12, 2015

Mourning the Cadbury Creme Egg: Recipe Changes this Easter Spell Creme Egg Disaster

It's a very disheartening day, for obsessivesweets has learned that we will never experience another genuine Cadbury Creme Egg. Cadbury has announced that the exterior shell of Creme Eggs is changing from the classic Dairy Milk chocolate to a different recipe of Cadbury Chocolate. This does not bode well as Dairy Milk is the ideal chocolate for the classic Easter treat. In addition, there will now be 5 instead of 6 eggs sold in each pack. So they're more expensive. The internet is crying in solidarity over this immense loss.

Read here on for more details: Cadbury Creme Eggs Will Never Be the Same

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  1. No!!! Remember the train ride to Texas and allocating our Cadbury eggs? I have one that I have been hoarding for about 3 years. Want it?