Friday, January 9, 2015

Holiday Wrapup: Hot Cocoa and Cream vs Chocolate Mousse Peeps

It's amazing what a little tweak in flavor can make in a candy creation. I found Chocolate Mousse Peeps to be pretty bland. The chocolate flavor never really blends with the marshmallow and the chocolate ends up feeling like somewhat of an afterthought. They're ok- they just aren't that exciting. That said, I love the Hot Cocoa and Cream Peeps Dipped in White Fudge. They now rank as some of my favorites of the Peeps flavor line. The chocolate flavor is much more synthesized with the marshmallow- and the white fudge adds a bit of substance to each bite and instantly melts into the marshmallow making the overall flavor richer. They're great.

* Special note: as mentioned in the previous post, I received these samples from Just Born, the makers of Peeps. Thanks, Just Born! Although I review the Peeps above, I do not give numbered scores to free samples so as to avoid any possibility of unfair scoring.

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