Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Darkside Skittles: The Other Side of the Rainbow

I recently posted a review of Orchards Skittles and Desserts Skittles (read here), so when I noticed these Darkside Skittles, I had to round out the trio. I like the idea and tone of Darkside Skittles. It's a rare moment that candy delves into such an abstract concept in its marketing. The flavor names echo the theme, featuring Forbidden Fruit, Blood Orange, Midnight Lime, Dark Berry, and Pomegranate. In addition, a cracked heart is emblazoned on the packaging. I like this dark twist on Valentine's Day candy. I wish I was more swept up in the flavors, though. Dark Berry and Forbidden Fruit both taste a bit like cassis or black currant, which I'm just not that naturally fond of. The Midnight Lime constitutes the same flavor as traditional Lime- the shell color is just a bit darker. Blood Orange tastes a bit more like Tangerine, a mellow sweet citrus taste. Finally, Pomegranate is delicious and although I wouldn't identify it as Pomegranate, it tastes like some nice rich berry blend.

Score (concept): 4
Score (taste): 3

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