Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Darkside Skittles: The Other Side of the Rainbow

I recently posted a review of Orchards Skittles and Desserts Skittles (read here), so when I noticed these Darkside Skittles, I had to round out the trio. I like the idea and tone of Darkside Skittles. It's a rare moment that candy delves into such an abstract concept in its marketing. The flavor names echo the theme, featuring Forbidden Fruit, Blood Orange, Midnight Lime, Dark Berry, and Pomegranate. In addition, a cracked heart is emblazoned on the packaging. I like this dark twist on Valentine's Day candy. I wish I was more swept up in the flavors, though. Dark Berry and Forbidden Fruit both taste a bit like cassis or black currant, which I'm just not that naturally fond of. The Midnight Lime constitutes the same flavor as traditional Lime- the shell color is just a bit darker. Blood Orange tastes a bit more like Tangerine, a mellow sweet citrus taste. Finally, Pomegranate is delicious and although I wouldn't identify it as Pomegranate, it tastes like some nice rich berry blend.

Score (concept): 4
Score (taste): 3

Monday, January 26, 2015

Life without Cadbury....Bad News Continues...

photo courtesy of the new york times

Last week obsessivesweets noted a lawsuit in the works to ban a large number of the best British sweets from being sold in the United States. Today's New York Times delves further into the topic and the news is not not good....

Click here to read more....NYTimes: After A Deal, British Chocolate Won't Cross Pond

Announcement: Now Illegal to Name One's Child "Nutella" in France

photo courtesy of jezebel

If you're French and considering naming your child after delightful sweet treat spread Nutella, think again. French courts have deemed the move illegal. I see an uprising in our future, people of all nations fighting for the right to name their children for classic desserts. I see the future with tiny children named Speculoos, Reese's, and Cadbury playing together in harmony. If someone can name their child Bronx or Apple, why not Nutella? 

To read more, head over to Jezebel: France Court Won't Let Parents Name Their Kid 'Nutella'

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shocking News: Hershey's in Lawsuit to Ban Cadbury Import

Shocking news! Word has it that Hershey's is in a lawsuit against LBB Imports to stop incoming Cadbury Creme Eggs and other Cadbury sweets. Hershey's claims that some of the Cadbury packaging looks too similar to Hershey's candy line. Thus Hershey's will be able to manufacture and sell an American (sub-par) Cadbury Creme Egg and we won't be able to find the real thing in British specialty shops. This is the most rotten news. Easter might as well be cancelled.

To learn more read DNA Info: New York Businesses Barred From Selling British Cadbury Eggs

Valentine's Edition: Hershey's Chocolate Truffle Kisses


Today we must ponder a substantial question: is it possible to improve on a classic? Usually when it comes to limited edition flavor candies like Hershey's Kisses or m&m's the answer is a resounding "No!" I love to sample new flavors of classic candies but rarely does the "flavor shot" improve on the classic- instead it simply gives the consumer some sense of variety and adventure. That said, these Hershey's Chocolate Truffle Kisses may actually qualify as more delicious than traditional Kisses. Back in 2009 I reviewed a limited edition version of Chocolate Truffle Kisses and found them delightful (read review here). That said, the center was a bit firm and I don't think that Hershey's had reached the level of "sublime" in the recipe yet and I haven't seen them on the market again until now. For Valentine's Day this year we are reintroduced to a newer, better, even more delightful version of Chocolate Truffle Kisses and I love them. The milk chocolate enrobes a rich whipped chocolate center reminiscent of creamy chocolate frosting. The entire thing melts in the mouth instantly, with merely chocolate scented vapor left on the tongue in seconds. Of course then you have to eat another. And another. The bag disappeared in my house in record time and I figure that's the ultimate test. Find some of these seasonal treats before they disappear!

Score: 5 (5!!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vosges Black Pearl Bar: Green Ginger, Japanese Wasabi, and Black Sesame Seeds in Dark Chocolate

Oh dear, I usually love Vosges Chocolate and am a fan of their innovative and sometimes wild flavors. This Black Pearl Bar, though- despite the awesome name- is not appealing in the least. The dark chocolate base is nicely blended with a subtle taste of ginger throughout. However, wasabi and chocolate are an off-putting mix- it makes the chocolate bar taste vaguely spicy and also like it's gone a bit rotten. The black sesame seeds sneak up on you and present an odd added substance that is neither crunchy nor flavorful. Not for me; not at all

Score: 2

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sirius Eitt Sett Siriiuslengja Og Lakkrisbordi: An Icelandic Treat

This Icelandic Candy Bar By Sirius has an incredibly difficult to pronounce name but a very simple underlying concept. The Eitt Sett Siriuslengja Og Lakkrisbordi is basically a milk chocolate bar lined with a large slab of black licorice. The chocolate is milky and melty; the licorice is soft and chewy. Each bite blends together, marrying the flavors of sweet chocolate and bitter licorice beautifully. I wish there was an American version of this. Any readers out there who can translate the wrapper? Thanks, Veitches!

Score: 4

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skittles Stand-Off: Original vs Orchards vs Desserts

(original mix) 

It's hard to improve on perfection, but Skittles are always innovating new flavors beyond the classic mix. This week I sampled two new varieties- Orchards Skittles and Desserts Skittles- and compared them to the Original.

As a reminder, the original mix is composed thus:

Green- Green Apple
Yellow- Lemon
Purple- Grape
Orange- Orange
Red- Strawberry

(I'll state it again: perfection)

(orchards mix)

Pale Yellow- Peach
Orange- Orange
Red-Red Apple
Red- Cherry

Overall the Orchards mix is fun. All but the Orange constitute new flavors. However, some soar over the others. For instance, I'd like to replace the Green Apple of the original mix with this fantastic new Lime flavor. Wonderful! Peach is a mellow tasty surprise, too. However, I don't like that you can't differentiate between the Red Apple and Cherry. In addition, the Red Apple has an odd flavor note to it that's vaguely chemical. And since you can't tell which is which you can't pick out the offending flavor. Troubling.

(desserts mix)

Green-Key Lime Pie
Pale Orange- Orange Creme
Pink-Strawberry Milkshake
Blue- Blueberry Tart
Red- Raspberry Sorbet

I love the Desserts Mix, perhaps even equally to the Original Mix! The Key Lime Pie truly blends Lime with Cream. The Stawberry Milkshake also tastes like strawberry ice cream and the Orange Creme like an Orange Julius-both flavors you rarely experience in candy. The Blueberry Tart is my favorite- a perfect stand-in for a real blueberry, tart and sweet and juicy. There's not a bad one in the mix!

Score (Original): 5
Score (Orchards): 3
Score (Desserts): 5

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mourning the Cadbury Creme Egg: Recipe Changes this Easter Spell Creme Egg Disaster

It's a very disheartening day, for obsessivesweets has learned that we will never experience another genuine Cadbury Creme Egg. Cadbury has announced that the exterior shell of Creme Eggs is changing from the classic Dairy Milk chocolate to a different recipe of Cadbury Chocolate. This does not bode well as Dairy Milk is the ideal chocolate for the classic Easter treat. In addition, there will now be 5 instead of 6 eggs sold in each pack. So they're more expensive. The internet is crying in solidarity over this immense loss.

Read here on for more details: Cadbury Creme Eggs Will Never Be the Same

Candy Bar Avelanche from Iceland!

I've only had the opportunity to delve into Icelandic sweets twice before (read here), but prepare for an avalanche of new Icelandic candy bar reviews thanks to the Veitch clan. Between the colorful graphic packaging and my deep penchant for licorice, each bar beckons and gleams like a jewel!  

Friday, January 9, 2015

Holiday Wrapup: Hot Cocoa and Cream vs Chocolate Mousse Peeps

It's amazing what a little tweak in flavor can make in a candy creation. I found Chocolate Mousse Peeps to be pretty bland. The chocolate flavor never really blends with the marshmallow and the chocolate ends up feeling like somewhat of an afterthought. They're ok- they just aren't that exciting. That said, I love the Hot Cocoa and Cream Peeps Dipped in White Fudge. They now rank as some of my favorites of the Peeps flavor line. The chocolate flavor is much more synthesized with the marshmallow- and the white fudge adds a bit of substance to each bite and instantly melts into the marshmallow making the overall flavor richer. They're great.

* Special note: as mentioned in the previous post, I received these samples from Just Born, the makers of Peeps. Thanks, Just Born! Although I review the Peeps above, I do not give numbered scores to free samples so as to avoid any possibility of unfair scoring.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Peruvian Bon Bon Milk Chocolate Bar Filled with Peanut Butter and Crunchy Cereal

Wow, these Peruvian Bon Bon chocolate bars are so deceptively good. When you open the package the chocolate bar looks a little listless and dismal but each bite is delightful. Small crunchy corn cereal bits are suspended throughout the light-as-air peanut butter center and milk chocolate coheres the whole thing. Why isn't corn used more in American candy? Why do rice puffs monopolize the market? Between this and the Ritter Sport Cornflakes bar, I think there need to be more cornflake/ corn-puff candy options. I wish my Mother would return to Peru for a big box of these for the candy cabinet- thanks, Mom!

Score: 4