Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wild Flavors Part 1: Antidote Chocolate with Mango and Juniper

I'm currently working through a series of really wild gourmet chocolate bars that take flavor pairings to an elevated level. Don't shove pieces of these bars in your mouth as you zone out on tv. No, this is worth taking a second to think about as layers of flavor unfold. I'll call these Grown Up Chocolate Bars, as compared to your Comfort chocolate bar such as Snicker's. The Antidote Raw + Roasted Cacao with Mango Pieces and Juniper is a perfect example of wild flavoring. Juniper? The mango I can understand but have definitely never encountered juniper on my plate. 84% raw cacao is bitter stuff. The mango bits add a nice burst of sweet to counteract the cacao and I enjoyed the pairing. I suppose there's a woodsy green note to the bar but would never have been able to name it- and perhaps wouldn't have noticed unless I had been looking for it. This is most likely beyond my limited palate. Overall, it's a taste that is at first off-putting but then I found myself wanting to try it again. And again. I probably wouldn't buy this bar again but it was a little bit of a sensory adventure. Thanks, Mark!

Score: 3

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  1. Chocolate disguised as medicine? Tablets? I think I'll stick to chicolate that is not for grown ups.