Monday, December 29, 2014

Art and Chocolate Meet at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art came out with a line of fine chocolates (via Koppers Chocolate) in lovely boxes with favorite Met paintings emblazoned on the lid. The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are so compulsively good. Once I started I just couldn't stop- and you can't eat one at a time, so you have to throw handfuls in your mouth. I tested these on a few other people because I had to get the compelling candies out of the house and each and every person who tried the sweets gave a surprised and enthusiastic thumbs up. The rose flavored chocolates, ginger and cashew mix is harder to quantify. It's a really unique and almost startling mixture of flavors. I couldn't quite get my head around the rose chocolates-too aromatic and reminding me of soap. However, the chocolate, cashew and ginger mixture is totally enticing. I loved it and picked around all of the rose bits.

Score (sunflower seeds): 4
Score (rose, ginger, cashew mix): 3

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