Monday, December 29, 2014

Candy Cane Tic Tacs for the Holidays

Candy Cane tic tacs are delicious. Frankly, they're exactly the same as Peppermint tic-tacs but with a color flourish. They're fun and tasty nonetheless.

Score: 3

Art and Chocolate Meet at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art came out with a line of fine chocolates (via Koppers Chocolate) in lovely boxes with favorite Met paintings emblazoned on the lid. The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are so compulsively good. Once I started I just couldn't stop- and you can't eat one at a time, so you have to throw handfuls in your mouth. I tested these on a few other people because I had to get the compelling candies out of the house and each and every person who tried the sweets gave a surprised and enthusiastic thumbs up. The rose flavored chocolates, ginger and cashew mix is harder to quantify. It's a really unique and almost startling mixture of flavors. I couldn't quite get my head around the rose chocolates-too aromatic and reminding me of soap. However, the chocolate, cashew and ginger mixture is totally enticing. I loved it and picked around all of the rose bits.

Score (sunflower seeds): 4
Score (rose, ginger, cashew mix): 3

Sweets from Dubai: Nadiya Luxury Chocolate Dates

Eating these chocolate covered dates by Dubai-based Nadiya reminds me that dates are underused in American candy. They're an ideal combination with chocolate as they feel almost like an extension of the chocolate in both flavor and consistency. A nut in the center adds the perfect crunch to the mix. I need more of these. Thanks, Zach!

Score: 4

Friday, December 26, 2014

Candy Cane Peeps, With or Without Chocolate


Last season Just Born released Candy Cane Peeps dipped in Chocolate. I was way into them. The marshmallow is still the traditional vanilla, but fine candy cane dust adheres to the facade. This adds just enough crunch to add some substance to the marshmallow- really nice. The candy cane flavor is present but subtle- also nice. The final bite of chocolate sets off the mint crunch perfectly. These are some of my very favorite Peeps. This year Just Born re-released the chocolate dipped chicks as well as a series of the candy cane chicks without the chocolate. These are tasty and fun for all the reasons listed above, but they do lack that final pizzazz that the chocolate lends. I'd still go for the chocolate-dipped any day.

* Special note: as mentioned in the previous post, I received these samples from Just Born, the makers of Peeps. Thanks, Just Born! Although I review the Peeps above, I do not give numbered scores to free samples so as to avoid any possibility of unfair scoring. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Peeps: An Array of Traditional Peeps in Holiday Shapes

If you're a regular reader of, you might have noticed that I "collect" all available shapes and flavors of Peeps. You can read the 41 past blog posts on Peeps by clicking here. Recently I read about an enticing new holiday flavor of Cocoa and Cream. Yum! But I couldn't find the flavor anywhere in the local shops. So I wrote directly to Just Born, the creators of Peeps, to beg for a sample to taste-test. What arrived in the mail constituted a small box of delight- every holiday Peep available on the market. Amazing. Thanks, Just Born! There are a number of reviews to follow investigating new Peeps flavors. Here, though, is a snapshot of the traditional vanilla Peeps released in festive seasonal shapes. Variations on a winning theme: green Christmas trees; white snowmen in large and small sizes; and red, white, and green chicks on a stick! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Limited Edition for Christmas: Trident Layers Candy Cane Gum

This limited edition Trident Layers Sugar Free Candy Cane gum is pretty tasty, although there is the caveat that all Trident gum tastes a little mild to my palate. One hitch: Trident already makes peppermint flavored gum which is the same thing as candy cane flavor, so besides the new color and the nice Christmas packaging it's not exactly new. That said, Peppermint gum is a great traditional flavor so I won't complain. Have some nice Christmas-themed gum without any surprises.

Score: 3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another for the Wish List: Orchards Skittles

image courtesy of

Orchards Skittles sound delicious! There are the usual Orange, and Lime flavors- all good. In addition, the package contains Red Apple, Cherry and Peach! These three new flavors have the potential to revolutionize the overall tone of a bag of Skittles and I think it could really work. Especially that Red Apple flavor. A must-find item. Click here to read more on

Monday, December 15, 2014

An Annual Christmas Treat: Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints

This is my fourth year running touting the glories of the annual limited edition holiday Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints (read past reviews here). I adore them. I love them even more than the traditional Junior Mints and that's an achievement because it's nearly impossible to improve on the original. That tiny bit of sugary crunch adds the ideal element on top of the creamy mint center and bite of dark chocolate. Try them if at all possible during the Christmas holiday season before they disappear again. I plan to stockpile. Thanks for my annual infusion of minty deliciousness, Dan!

Score: 5 (5! 5!!!)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Add to the Wishlist: Mike & Ike Minion Mix

photo courtesy of peeps&co

Speaking of Minions, add Mike and Ike Minion Mix to the wishlist! Ok, the flavors sound like they could taste horrendous- banana and blue raspberry- but I love the packaging and am eager to try!

Peeps Marshmallow Minions!!

I'm so excited about these Peeps Marshmallow Minions from the movie Despicable Me! Movie tie-ins constitute some of my favorite limited edition candies and Minions are some of my very favorite characters ever. And I follow Peeps limited editions with big-time enthusiasm. Thus, these marshmallow Peeps are simply tops!

Score: 5(!!!)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Treats: Thorntons The Snowman and the Snowdog Milk Chocolate Characters

I love it when candy pays homage/cross-brands with a book or movie. For fans of the Christmas classic The Snowman and The Snowdog, these Thorntons milk chocolate characters are a real treat. Tasty chocolate in the form of the characters in a delightfully packaged bag- fun to find in any Christmas stocking! Thanks, Evan!

Score: 4

Jessica Gaber's Incredible Edible Candy Art

image courtesy of jessica gaber/

Buzzfeed just published an essay featuring incredible renditions of dinner classics created entirely of candy by graphic designer Jessica Gaber. Check out the astounding realism she achieves with candy- mind-blowing!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wild Flavors Part 1: Antidote Chocolate with Mango and Juniper

I'm currently working through a series of really wild gourmet chocolate bars that take flavor pairings to an elevated level. Don't shove pieces of these bars in your mouth as you zone out on tv. No, this is worth taking a second to think about as layers of flavor unfold. I'll call these Grown Up Chocolate Bars, as compared to your Comfort chocolate bar such as Snicker's. The Antidote Raw + Roasted Cacao with Mango Pieces and Juniper is a perfect example of wild flavoring. Juniper? The mango I can understand but have definitely never encountered juniper on my plate. 84% raw cacao is bitter stuff. The mango bits add a nice burst of sweet to counteract the cacao and I enjoyed the pairing. I suppose there's a woodsy green note to the bar but would never have been able to name it- and perhaps wouldn't have noticed unless I had been looking for it. This is most likely beyond my limited palate. Overall, it's a taste that is at first off-putting but then I found myself wanting to try it again. And again. I probably wouldn't buy this bar again but it was a little bit of a sensory adventure. Thanks, Mark!

Score: 3

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Swedish Chews: Malaco Fox, Rox, and Nox

The best part about these Swedish Malaco chews is their awesome packaging design. The simple blocky bright graphics make me want to flash them around and strew them out at parties. They're just cool. Each chew is quite firm, breaking down slowly- somewhat comparable to a the consistency of Bit-O-Honey. The Fox Sitron is a lemon and fudge mix- yummy. Rox Bringebaer Sitrongress is composed of Raspberry and Chocolate- meh. And the Nox Lakris, by far the best, combines Licorice and Fudge. Thanks, Zack!

Score: 4

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Digital Cookies: Girl Scouts to Sell Cookies Online!

Exciting news for Girl Scout Cookie fans! The traditional annual cookie sale will now be available online starting on Dec 12. You still have to know a Girl Scout in order to access the "Digital Cookies" online efforts as each girl runs her own online store, but this opens up all kinds of new (impulse buying)opportunities. I can't wait to order mine!

To read more, go to the New York Times article: Online Sales for Girl Scout Cookies are Approved